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Flora And Fauna

Flora And Fauna

27th Feb, 2024

Flora And Fauna

Nepal is a land of geographical extremes, ranging from near sea level elevations in the southern Terai to the world highest mountains. Nepal contains a variety of ecosystems, treeless alpine pastures and dense fir forests of the high valleys, oak and rhododendron woods of the middle hills, and tall Sal forests of the south. Along the southern borders of Nepal are preserved much of the lowland jungles and grasslands that once covered this part of shrub continent. 

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Ranging from the subtropical forests of the Terai to the great peaks of the Himalayas in the north, Nepal abounds with some of the most spectacular sceneries in the whole of the Asia. With the variety of Fauna and Flora, it is unparalled elsewhere in the region. Between Nepal’s geographical extremes, one may find every vegetation type from the treeless steppers of the trans-Himalayan region in the extreme north. Other featured are the birch, silver fir, larch and hemlock of the higher valleys to the oak, pine, and rhododendron of the intermediate altitudes, and the great Sal and sissau forests of the south. Chir pine, willow, alder and evergreen oak, blue pine and silver fir are remarkable flora and fauna in Nepal. You got chance to see those things nearby. Mountain Layers Treks and Expedition (P). LTD.  is proud to give information about Flora and Fauna.

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