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Nepali People

Nepali People

27th Feb, 2024

Nepali People

Nepal is a multi-religious, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural country. Nepal is a homeland for a number of ethnic/caste groups with different languages, religions culture and traditions. There are more than 100 distinct ethnic groups in Nepal.People in Nepal commonly welcome you Namaste as a traditional salute, which is wisely used in the most part of country.
About 23 million Nepalese are made of 69 different cultural and linguistic group also known as ethnic groups living in different, regions of the country. Mostly each ethnic group has their own unique costumes, speak their own languages or dialects, and follow their own religious practices. They live under different diverse geographic and environmental orientations, from the low plains near the Indian border, northward through the middle hills of Mahabharat range and valleys, and up to the high plain valleys of Himalayan Zone.

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Social Structure

As the Nepal is divided topographically into three regions- Mountain, hilly and terai- the social structure is also different. The social structure of Himalayan region and hilly region is simple in comparison to that of the Tarai. In Himalayan region, most of the people are Mongolians who follows buddhism  and have a similar culture to that of Tibetans. These people are also derogatorily termed as ‘Bhote’. In hilly region people are Hindus where society is hierarchical and caste based. The caste system is hierarchical and there is extreme inequality between different castes. Brahmin, chhetri termed them as high caste and other like Damai, Kami, sunar, chamar etc. as lower and untouchable. Caste, therefore, has in itself become an exclusionary social institution forcing those considered lower caste or outcaste People to live a life on the margins. In terai, along with Hindus there are more than 40 distinct cultural group with their own language and dialect like yadav, Tharu, Danuwar, Majhi, Darai, Rajbansi, Satar, Dhimal, and Jhangar, Singh, Jha etc.


The main occupation of Nepalese people is agriculture. About 74 percent of the total population are totally involved in agriculture. Their main source of income is agriculture. Other people are engaged in other sectors like business, tourism sector, industry, government sector and other.


The most popular Nepalese food includes a dish called ‘dhal’ (lentil soup) ‘bhat’ (rice) ‘tarkari’ (currried vegetables)’. It is a staple food for most of the Nepalese people and is eaten twice a day. However, Nepalese food is as diverse as the people of the country.  Other food items of Nepal include Gundrook- Dheedo, Alu Tama, Vegetable pulao (fried Nepali rice), Masu(meat), Vegetable Thukpa (Noodles), Chatamari (a Newari dish), drinks and other. People are also habituated with items like Momo, Chowmein, Pizza, etc.


Education in Nepal flourished only after the end of the Rana regime in 2007 BS. Before that only a few schools were established in

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