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Trekking Grade

Trekking Grade

Trekking Grade

Trekking grade is the hierarchy of climbing, trekking which is based on altitude of Himalayas and other trekking destination. Some trekkers have trained, some have not any knowledge, some principally knowledgeable but practically unknown in trekking and expedition. To evaluate trekkers themselves trekking grade will be useful. They can book their trip confidently according to their capacity. In Nepalese trekking and expedition there are five grades.

Leisurely Treks

Any person who has interested any kind of travelling, trekking, hiking, can categories in this grade. It is very simple. You have many options to acquire the destination. You don’t have any experience in hiking, trekking, as well fitness. You have to walk just 2/3 hours in a single day. Jungle safaris, city tour, sightseeing are covered by this grade of trek.

Easy Trek

This type of trek is also not difficult one. It’s like leisure and something more. You have to trek 4/5 hour in your trip. Various temples, Museum, monasteries, cultural heritage can available in this trek. You have not any particular experience and training but you must have interest to visit.

Moderate Trek

This trek is little bit serious trek. You have to walk at least 6 plus hours in moderate treks. The topic itself also speaks its distinctive and laborious trek. Our guides brief all your quests alongside the trek. 10 to 15 km trek will be enrolled in this trek but it’s depend on you and your interest.4500 meters above is count as moderate trek. Usual or normal fitness and exercise will be applicable. The hours of treks and distance will be count in up and down or ascend to descend.

Strenuous Trek

Physically preparation and personal interest are the requirement for this trek. You have to ready to cover at least 7 hours per day or longer for up to 2/3 weeks and 10-15 km hike to ascend and descend.  Altitudes will often exceed 4000 meters with some days spent trekking above 5000 meters.Central Nepal to less than the 250mm in the north central portion near the Tibetan plateau.

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