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Trekking Season

Incredibly many travelers visit Nepal for trekking and tour activities throughout the year. However, there are four perfect seasons for the best of experience but each season has its own distinctive attractions.

Likewise in autumn (September-November) can be the best time to feel beauty through the trekking in the Himalayas. During this season, you will be able to see specular Mountain Views. As major festivals of Nepal like Dashain and Tihar are observed during this time when and where you can ever experience the culture as well. Similarly, the winter season (December – February) when the occasional snowfall at higher elevation makes absolutely perfect for trekking at lower elevation normally below 3000 meters. In the same way, spring (March-May) when the wild flower rhododendron covers the hillside above 300m, then such areas look absolutely like paradise. Though you may feel quite warm temperature at lower elevations but at higher elevation above 4000 meter it is moderate. In fact, this season is good to experience mountain expedition, peak climbing, trekking and hiking in Nepal.

Finally, in summer (June-August), as monsoon season too occurs in it, rainfalls almost every day during this time. Thus, during this season, dive to the soaring level of water in river, the river adventure can be the first choice. However, Nepalese farmers farms in this period so you can alternate for Agro tour.  

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